Grow your alcohol business with analytics and insights that everyone will use

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Alcohol Sales Reps
(Territory Manager/District Manager)
  • Lightning fast geospatial view of all your accounts

  • Quick click to a VERY detailed profile of any account

  • Rank your accounts to find opportunities – where are your brands selling, where are they not selling

  • Understand product performance at each location or a group of locations at the brand and SKU level

  • Have fact-based conversations with alcohol store managers proving your brand’s strength at each location

  • Create custom account vs account comparisons

  • Get more facings, better shelf positions, more drink features and bottles on the back bar; because you can prove it

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In the Back Office
  • Self-managed using easy-to-use administration tools

  • Dive into year-over-year alcohol trends by account, account grouping, brand and SKU

  • Convert and consume the data how you want to

  • Export all graphs and charts

  • Sort and export all tables to Excel

  • Filter on-the-fly

  • Assign users to territories, chains and districts

  • Don’t wait for slow query times, Last Call is FAST!

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  • Easy one-click to a comprehensive national view of your business

  • Beat your competition and gain market share

  • Identify opportunities in the market by region, territory, brand and chain

  • Improve your team’s productivity and prioritize where focus is needed

  • Identify underperforming locations and reallocate resources

  • Reduce administrative functions – let Last Call crunch the numbers so your team can sell more alcohol

  • Empower your alcohol sales team with tools that are proven winners

Make your first call your Last Call!
We’re looking forward to growing alcohol sales together and learning more about your business.