Cannabis analytics that empower your sales team to track performance, forecast production and sell more.

Educate and prepare your teams for success. Make sure they are ready to take advantage of a new era in the adult recreational industry by having the most current sell sheets, trends and performance metrics to help them work smarter in the field and gain the competitive edge. Last Call empowers sales reps to have compelling evidence-based conversations with store managers, and gives managers and business owners easy to use visualizations so they can segment, rank and benchmark products, accounts and reps.

Track cannabis sales by brankd, category, gram size, cannabanoid strength and more.

Identify trends and forecast growth to better plan and manage operations.

Easy to find cannabis sales opportunities for stores, brands and skus.

Organize and arrange your products to suit your needs. Includes dried flower, edibles or accessories

Geospatial views to all locations.

Complete CRM Account Profile for your stores and prospective stores.

Integrated Desktop and Mobile App.

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